About M MacKinnon

My story

M MacKinnon has always been a writer. When she was eight, she wrote a story called “Princess Zelda”, a plagiarized mixture of Moses and Cinderella, and begged her mother for weeks to take it to the local library and get them to publish it. A gentle refusal to do so, while seen as a betrayal of the highest order, did not stop MacKinnon from continuing her writing. She has since learned that there are a few more steps between pencil copy and library.

M MacKinnon writes emotions. Love, hate, fear, redemption, second chances. Her writing is primarily paranormal romance with modern mystery thrown in for spice, and a little horror to stir the senses. And humor. Always humor.

MacKinnon lives in New Jersey with her husband. One month each year is spent in the Scottish Highlands, her happy place and the source of her inspiration.