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The Comyn's Curse

''A truly epic tale...''

-Kirkus Reviews

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M MacKinnon has always been a writer. When she was eight, she wrote a story called “Princess Zelda”, a plagiarized mixture of Moses and Cinderella, and begged her mother for weeks to take it to the local library and get them to publish it. A gentle refusal to do so, while seen as a betrayal of the highest order, did not stop MacKinnon from continuing her writing. She has since learned that there are a few more steps between pencil copy and library.

Latest Release

The Piper’s Warning

Aubrey Cumming and her Mackintosh are planning their wedding in Scotland. Into the mix comes a new ghost story, an international conspiracy, and the personal tragedy of bridesmaid Kate Bianchi. When the groom disappears without a trace, Kate must rise above her own heartache to solve the mystery and amend a centuries old injustice.